• Our Naturist Park arranges every year special events with focus about healthy life and fun, and where we can learn each other better to know.
  • Our events are put together so all ages can find something interesting. The events are announced in details on our WEB site. Every year at season start we publish the exact dates.

Take a look at the pictures taken on these events!

Probably you can recognise the ones taken at the wine tasting, the May Day festival and the Strawberry Festival.

In summer there are sport competitions for those who love sports.

Petanque , volleyball, tabletennis competitions or if you are interested in archery come and try it.

At the begining of September Hungarian naturalists concentrate on ‘SZESZ’, it’s our greatest event. You can see photoes of it, too. Fantastic chefs and their team offer such a culinary experience that you wish to lick your fingers after it. You can participate either as a competitor or as a member of the jury.

At the end of the season there is a so-called ‘fish day’ where you can taste  specialities made of fish and taste wines.

At these events there can be sauna pouring and massage if you wish. All these programmes end with music and dance, of course wearing “naturist clothes”.

You are welcome to visit all of our events and you will find nice naturist friends, that’s for sure.


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