You can pay by Széchenyi Card, Erzsébet Voucher, bank transfer, credit card and naturally in cash.

Entrance Tickets, Discount Cards

Admission ticket for adults /from 8AM to 8PM : 1500 HUF /person
Children between 6 and 14 years1000 HUF/person
Children under 6free
Parking for cars500 HUF/car
Parking for motobikes250 HUF/motobike

The above prices includes the use of the sanitary facilities and the bath lake, the use of the sport facilities, the use of the whole Park area, and covers the tourist tax.

Novelty: Discount Card for 10 visits

Our new offer is a Discount Card providing access for 10 occasions. The card can be used the whole year round from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. It is personal and can not be transferred.

Admission ticket for ten ocassions for adults:12.000 HUF/person/10 ocassions.
Admission ticket for kids between 6-14:8.000 HUF/kid/10 ocassions.

The Discount Cards provides only access to the Park, it does not cover parking and accommodation fees.


16m2 wooden house:7.000 HUF/day/house
/kis terasszal, TV-vel, /with a little terasse, a double bed and a bunk bed with bedding/
If this house is taken by four people then the price of it is 6.000 HUF/day/house
9m2 wooden house:5.500 HUF/day/house
/with a little terasse, with TV for 2 people with beddings
Heating can be required:1.500 HUF/day
12m2 caravan9.600 HUF/day/caravan
/with a little terasse, 2 double beds, a fridge, a TV and beddings for four people/
If 2 people take the caravan then the price is 6.500 HUF/day/caravan
Heating can be required:1.500 HUF/day
Territory for tentsfree
Sleeping in an own tent losts1.500 HUF/day/person
Territory for a caravan /with using electricity/4.000 HUF/night/caravan
Sleeping in the own caravan
for kids under 6 it is free.
1.500 HUF/night

The accommodation fee does not include the parking or entrance fee.

Usage of sauna1.000 HUF/person
/min with 2 people, maximum 1 hour/

All our prices are included WAT.

Season Card

In year 2009 Naturist Park Szigetmonostor has introduced a Season Card that is valid a whole calendar year. This card is a picture ID, strictly personal and can not be transferred. The Card gives admission to the whole Park and entitles the use of all facilities with the exception of the sauna.

Adults:20.000 HUF/person/year
Children: between 6 and 1410.000 huf/child/year
Families: /parents with kids under 6/36.0000 HUF/family/year

The Season Card covers only the entrance fee from 8 AM to 8 PM.  An extra fee applies for parking and accommodation.

Those who buy a Season Card before the 1st of April receives a Gift Certificate for one nights stay for two persons. The gift certificate can be used at any day of the year upon agreement in advance.

Check out time is 10 AM.

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