Dear Naturist Friends!

Welcome to our WEB page! We hope seeing you soon at Naturist Park Szigetmonostor!

We are located at the Island of Szentendre just between Szigetmonostor and Surány, alongside the main road of the Island. Detailed informations can be found at the page
How to find us
Our nearly 1 HA naturist park is established to serve members of any Hungarian and international naturist organizations, families and couples, with recreational and sport facilities.

And now, what naturism is about?

On the following link you get a thorough information and knowledge about why so many people loves this natural way of living, that is so close to the human nature.

Some of the main ideas we totally agree with:

  • People practicing naturism or nudism are called naturists or nudists.
  • Many people tell naturism and nudism apart. In their opinion a nudist is a person that chooses nakedness occasionally, while a naturist has a lifestyle that goes further than pure nakedness, frequently combined with environmental awareness, sometimes vegetarianism or simply more close relationship with nature. (Expressed occasionally with keeping the strand and water areas clean and tidy, preventing littering and avoiding noisy behavior.) Just visiting a naturist strand can entitle you to be called nudist, but it do not make you a naturist.
  • A naturist do not consider the human body as shameful, as it is what we have to live with, and we should accept our body happily as it is.
  • Naturism has nothing to do with exhibitionism. Naturism is in main line enjoying nakedness and has not the goal of seeing others naked or being seen naked by others.
  • Condemning nakedness has frequently roots in religion. Many places clothing has been introduced by the missionaries, stating that it is the civilized way of living. There are many naturists that are religious and frequently visit church services, proclaiming that getting rid of their clothes does not mean that they also get rid of their morality.

Please look thoroughly at our web site and pay us a visit!

You are welcome: Gábor, Gabi, Gergő

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